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Marketing Analytics

Marketing can be very difficult, especially when you are blind. Analytics gives us the power to see where we are making an impact and find opportunities to do better. Analytics is nothing if not helpful.

In today’s market, it is critical.

Measurement Strategy

What to measure, how to measure it, and how to communicate performance.

Measurement strategy does not need to be rocket science. Basically, it must answer three questions:

  • What are the objectives (and goals)?

  • How are we going to measure them?

  • How are we going to communicate performance?


Of course, there can be a lot of additional details for each of these depending on how complex your organization is. Sometimes, the numbers are not immediately available. But that’s okay! Our Measurement Strategy process will expose where you have gaps in your metrics that need to be addressed. If the gaps are big enough, we can create Data Maturity Road Maps to get your organization on its way to being data driven and analytically sound.

Google Analytics

Ensuring your analytics are accurate and reliable.

Google Analytics services are our bread and butter. I’ve been working with GA since before it was GA (it was called Urchin back then). As such, we offer a wide range of Google Analytics services for just about any situation:

  • Analytics site audits. Do you think your analytics setup might have problems? We can find out.

  • Google Tag Manager setup. Everyone should be upgrading to tag manager if they haven’t already. It makes everything better.

  • Analytics consulting. Need some help understanding your reports?

  • Custom report development. Sometimes you need the data just a little bit different.

  • New site analytics setup. Building a new site and need analytics setup? No problem.

Landing Page Testing & Optimization

Test plans that create proven improvement.

Optimization and testing are a critical part of long term improvement. When we are looking at performance over an extended amount of time, it is critical to find ways to make adjustments and updates that improve the outcomes. Landing page optimization and testing one of the more common examples of this. Special tools, such as VWO or Google Experiments, are used for these projects.

A typical testing project includes:

  • Discovery & background research

  • Creation of the test plan

  • Setup and management of the test

  • Report and Recommendation based on outcomes

Campaign Reporting

Bringing your marketing mix into focus.

Marketing campaigns are critical investments that have a return. Many companies don’t have a strong understanding of what that return is. Our campaign tracking and performance analysis service is meant to specifically help you understand what your return on investment is and how to make the most of your future investments.


Campaign tracking and analysis includes:

  • Discovery to learn about the upcoming campaign

  • Marketing tagging support

  • Analytics tool reviews to make sure the data collected will be reliable

  • During the campaign reporting, analysis and optimization recommendations

  • End of campaign summary report and recommendations

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