Prosser Vineyards’ Bottles, Brews & BBQ

It’s been nearly a year since our team competed. We started at the end of last season at the Smokin Down the Highway competition. It was a great time. We learned that barbecue competitions attract some of the best chefs and caterers in the business. We also found out there is a distinct Northwest Style to barbecue that’s uniquely different than what we’ve sampled in South Carolina, Texas, or Memphis. It’s the gold standard for judging and competing in our area. So this year we were ready! Friday, June 10th, the Smokehouse Barbecue Team rolled into Prosser, Washington in the heart of the Yakima Valley Wine Country to compete in the Bottles, Brews & BBQ event. The competition included 22 othe

How to Assess SEO Opportunities with 4 Key Questions

Is SEO right for my company? It comes up a lot that I get a call from a potential client who would like to “SEO” their website. This is great. They realize that good search rankings will build their site traffic, but that it takes effort. They are interested in finding out what is involved. However, sometimes they don’t understand what the work of SEO entails. It’s not uncommon to think that SEO is as simple as hiring an SEO person who will sprinkle some keywords throughout the website and make everything good. But, in order to be truly effective, good SEO needs to be baked into almost every aspect of a long term site plan. Here are four questions I ask when assessing if SEO is a good fit f

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