How AI is (almost) Transforming Marketing

Datorama recently published a white paper called "How AI is Transforming Marketing -- Making the Impossible Possible". Because AI is the shiny new thing, I was naturally curious. As it turns out, the paper was pretty good. Here is a summary: AI helps in three areas: Collecting data from disparate data sources Creating and maintaining the data model that unifies the data Generating insights by trolling through the complete data set In the first case--collecting data--AI can pull in feeds and files. Datorama provides a deep bench of connectors that make this process easy and constantly improving. This is handy. AI also has the ability to create an maintain the data model. This is critical beca

Tangential Content Drives Links, but Does It Create Value?

I recently came across this article by Kerry Jones of Fractl and I thought it was worth mentioning. Tangential Content Earns More Links and Social Shares in Boring Industries [New Research] It talks about content in a more expansive way and explores the idea that brands can have fun with content, be more interesting (especially in boring niches) and also attract a wider audience. This audience may not be exactly on target for them, but this kind of filler content is not meant to drive highly qualified leads; it is meant to "reach a wide audience and gain top-of-funnel awareness". Honestly, I find that a lot of companies that focus on creating "engageme

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