Brands are Missing An Important Opportunity: Authentic Content that Creates Results

I believe most brands are missing a huge opportunity to connect with their audience in a strategic way by finding their authentic voice. As it turns out, most customers seem to think the same thing. Stackla recently reported that 57% of consumers think that less than half of brands create authentic content. That's amazing and it represents a huge opportunity. How can you tell if your customers are finding you false? Well, the same Stackla report says that 20% of consumers have unfollowed a brand on social media because they thought the brand was not authentic. That's a great metric! Unfollows have not always had a useful strategic context. As it turns out, unfollows might be a good indic

SEMrush Ranking Factors vs. MOZ Search Engine Ranking Factors (plus 7 key take aways)

Recently, SEMrush announced the release of their new SEO ranking factors report. I don't know about you, but I love reading these kinds of things. They're really interesting and give great information on ideas for tweaking how we do things. Overall, I was surprised by some of the findings. The ascendance of UX and the demotion of keyword optimization was eye opening for me. Tying the user experience and engagement to SEO has long been a challenge for many people to grasp. Making flat statements like "good user experience depends on search optimization" go nowhere. It takes exploring what makes a good user experience and how that aligns perfectly with the goals of search engine optimization i

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