Need Help Figuring Out Your Website KPIs? Answer these 4 Questions

Analytics isn't just about numbers; it's about understanding purpose. When looking for key performance indicators, or KPIs, in their digital ecosystems, people often ask, "What numbers do I need to be watching?" There are so many numbers—bounce rate, time on page, funnel abandonment rate, conversion rate, percent new users, etc.—and not all of them are useful all of the time. In order to understand how your digital ecosystem helps you deliver on that mission, start by answering these questions: Question #1: What is the role of your website in the business? This is a super important piece of context that many people forget about. They think, “We need leads!” But they don't take the time

SEO for Niche Markets

Recently, I've had the pleasure of talking to several companies that have very niche products and services. They are looking for ways to improve lead generation and are considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as an option. However, they question the relevance of SEO for attracting their target customers. Because their products are so specific, they are concerned that pulling a large number of loosely interested people to their website may not be useful. They are focused on quality not quantity and they are looking for highly qualified leads that are willing to spend large sums on very specific solutions. The people in their target market are subject matter experts--engineers, lawyers

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