2016 in 2019 -- Looking Back at What We Were Thinking

In 2016, I attended Martech London. I collected a handful of quotes that were poignant and really seemed to speak to where the industry was at and where things were going in 2017. Maybe I was going to write a blog post about them and never did, I don't remember. But looking back from the perspective of late 2019, it's interesting to compare where things were and where they are now. Some of these are still very relevant. I thought I'd tick through each of them and give some current thoughts. "4 out of 5 executives are overwhelmed and under prepared for the next 5 years." -- Jeremy Waite, IBM Well, we're deep into those 5 years and it seems like things are still pretty slow. I my experience mo

Marketing Ecosystem Diagrams Are Super Useful

Recently every project I've worked on has benefited from putting together an ecosystem diagram. Not everyone knows what these are, how to create them and how useful they can be, so I thought I'd write a little about them. What is a Marketing Ecosystem Diagram? An marketing ecosystem diagram is simply a map of all the touchpoints and how they relate to each other. Like a visual Table of Contents for the marketing strategy, it includes owned properties like websites, earned media, third-party referrals, offline events, social media, email, campaign media, etc. It should include all the ways in which a company goes to market. It should also include the relationships between the touchpoints. The

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