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Consulting is all about solving problems. We partner with our clients to work through complicated situations that don't always have clear answers. Then, when we discover the best solution, we work with the client to ensure they get the right services to correct the problem.

This style of solving complex problems requires flexible thinking and years of experience. Approaching the problem from different directions means that, sometimes, the final solution looks quite different than our early assumptions.

For these projects, we've developed a five phase approach. We call it the 5A's.

Our Approach: 5 A's


Get a thorough understanding of your plans and aspirations. Clearly state the problem. This allows us to understand what measurable outcomes are most important and how they intend to get there.



Create a measurable definition of success and rally the team around it (objectives, KPIs, stakeholder approval).  Having agreement here is critical.



Review the situation. Identify gaps and needs. We’ll be looking at how your teams and systems are set up. We’ll also review data collection and how you are using the information. We’ll be looking for gaps and opportunities.


Work with the teams (media and platform and business) to make sure we have the right capabilities, cooperation, processes, analysis and insights to deliver success. This will involve working with the teams to make sure everyone is being consistent and the data is reliable.



Provide ongoing support in the areas of analysis and insights while also providing expert consultation. It will help establish consistent and sustainable data habits that will last much longer.

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