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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is all about creating purpose and value–not only for the business, but also for the customer. Our marketing services are very hands-on and practical. We specialize in strategies that have real impact and clear, measurable outcomes.

SEO and Content Strategy

Focusing on language to connect businesses with audiences.

The ultimate objective of any SEO program is to increase the amount of highly qualified search engine traffic to a website by improving search rankings on the topics that are most relevant for the company.  Core to our SEO approach is development of the website content strategy. Based on competitor research, influencer identification and keyword exploration, we focus on user search intent to develop audience definitions and content recommendations. Our unique approach ensures that content is focused, purposeful, valuable for users and attractive to search engines.


SEO engagements typically include:

  • Discovery and Background

  • Research: competitive, keywords, influencers

  • Website technical and diagnostic reviews

  • Development of the SEO Content Strategy

  • Website keyword mapping

  • “Writing for SEO” workshop with content creators

  • SEO verification (post updates)


Ongoing SEO performance consulting is also available. 

Read about all of our SEO services.

Paid search (SEM)

Flexible and highly targetted ads that drive response.

Paid search (SEM) is a very fast and effective way to reach a highly qualified search audience. Keyword based ads are used to target audience that are looking for services the company offers. Paid search is particularly effective in highly competitive search markets. Paid search works best for ongoing brand placement, lead generation, and eCommerce campaigns, and it is most effective when paired with custom landing pages. Paid search can be extended to banner ads and remarketing.

Each paid search engagement has these components:

  • Discovery

  • Content review

  • Landing page development/refinement

  • Campaign development

  • Performance monitoring

  • Ongoing campaign optimization


The ultimate objective of any paid search campaign is to drive conversions. This is one of the strongest performance-based marketing tactics.


Extend the value of your marketing.

Like Paid Search, remarketing (a.k.a. retargetting) is quick to set up. However, whereas paid search is intended to increase your awareness, remarketing is intended to reconnect with people who have visited your site. Through carefully crafted audience definitions and messaging, the goal is to re-engage site visitors after they leave your site. This unique advertising approach amplifies your marketing spend by creating a “second chance” to get in front of people who have already shown interest in your brand and your products.

Message Mapping

Plan and coordinate your messages for maximum effect.

Message Mapping is a great way to make sure the messages your are putting in front of customers and potential customers are meaningful, purposeful and useful. We create communications plans that addresses the need for engagement over the long term This is especially useful for companies that have multiple “conversions” that a customer can complete. Our Message Maps invite customers down an engagement path that maximizes value for both the business and the customer.

Marketing Partnerships for Small Businesses and Startups

Full service marketing so you can focus on growing your business.

Sometimes strategy is not enough. Sometimes you just need someone to take the reins and run the marketing. For startups and small businesses, it can be very difficult to find the expertise you need on the budget you have. SHD has worked with several startups to help them create and execute holistic marketing strategy–from audience definitions through marketing automation–that helps get their business off the ground.


The SHD team can bring its expertise to help with:

  • Core go-to-market strategy

  • Drive brand awareness with organic and paid media strategy

  • Identify the industry experts and influencers you need to know

  • Get into marketing with agile management of search and social advertising

  • Increase customer retention with effective customer and opt-in communications

  • Optimize engagement with smart analytics and actionable insights.

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