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Content and Analytics Services

SEO (search engine optimization) is critical to every website. With 65% of all trackable website traffic coming from search, every business needs to consider SEO a core part of their marketing. 

How We Approach SEO

There are lots of ways to handle SEO. Our approach is to focus on creating Search Engine Friendly websites. We encourage our clients to create and share authentic, thematic content that provides real value for their audience. In this way, we strive to help brands not only rise in the search rankings, but also gain esteem among their audience.

Our SEO Services

Basic Findability

Basic findabilty is exactly what it sounds like. We look for technical errors and HTML updates that will ensure you are not preventing your site from being found in Google. This is most appropriate for clients that don't need expansive keyword exploration. Organizations like airports, utility companies, and industrial manufacturing sometimes fall in this category. This simplified service offering is meant to meet their basic needs without layering on extra services they don't need. 

SEO Foundations

Our core SEO service offering focuses on strategic content recommendations that are based on:

  • Identifying your audiences by search intent

  • Understanding the unique perspective of your brand

  • Gathering insights from your competitors.

  • Expansive keyword exploration

We also make sure your site is technically sound and there are no barriers to ranking well in search engines. We'll work with your writers to make sure they understand how to create content that is relevant and engaging. This service is designed for people who are either planning a new website or redesigning an existing website. SEO Foundations can have a critical impact on your sitemap by identifying the content you need to be successful.

SEO Performance Monitoring and Recommendations

SEO performance monitoring is an ongoing service that tracks your website performance against the objectives of your SEO program. We'll develop the KPIs and reporting needed, collect the data, analyze and provide you with targeted recommendations for improvement in our monthly or quarterly meetings. 

SEO Marketing

It's not enough to write great content, people need to read it. SEO Marketing is an action plan to build brand and website awareness using authentic, optimized content and inbound marketing techniques with a little PR mixed in. The objective is to build your natural traffic channels--organic search and referring websites. We focus on content distribution, link profile maintenance, and off-site opportunities to create sustainable growth for your site and business.

Right Now Content

Timely, influencer appropriate, keyword optimized,audience targeted and unique content. We go the extra mile to uncover the micro-trends in your category that you need to know, We also identify and incorporate the interests of the key influencers in your category. In this way, your content will have the best optimization possible for engagement with your audience. 

Editorial Calendar Workshop

Sometimes it just helps to sit down together and work through the content plan. This hands-on workshop is designed to do exactly that. We'll take your content strategy and put together a 3-6 month content calendar that translates the strategy into action. 

Page Specific Updates

Having problems knowing what to update in your website? The Page Specific Updates will take the most important pages in your site and give you specific, line by line instructions on how to update them. Then you can take these learnings and apply them to the rest of the pages in your site.

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