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A small collection of articles meant to address these common issues. Hopefully these articles will be helpful for you too. Check back periodically. I’ll be adding more and updating existing articles.

Building Analytics Friendly websites v2 — updated June 2017!

How analytics gets setup has huge implications for the quality of the data that comes out. With powerful, free tools like Google Tag Manager, more and more people are getting involved in analytics. This democratization of data is great! But it also means that governance and best practice are often completely overlooked. This is a guide–primarily for developers and analytics managers–of technical aspects of analytics implementation that should be taken into consideration when building a website. This guide will be updated periodically with new info and more best practices, so check back often!

SEO Writers’ Guide v7 — Updated June 2017!

I get asked all the time for some helpful tips on how to get your website more search engine friendly. Google keeps things interesting by changing up the rules every so often. The SEO community learns new and better ways to optimize. But there are some principles that stay the same too. I put together this writer’s guide to help people get a sense of what they need to do to have search friendly content on their website. There are some technical details that I don’t go into, but if you follow this guide you should be pretty solid. I update it periodically with new information, so check back for the next versions!

Tracking Campaigns with Google Analytics

How to track campaigns is a very common theme. However, effective tracking goes beyond simply knowing how to use UTM tags. Having a solid logical structure to your campaign and clear methodology will not only improve your reporting, it will also help you create a blueprint for your campaign that can be used from creative ideation all the way through execution.

Get the How to Plan Campaigns guide and the UTM Tracking Spreadsheet below.

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