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Reliable data. Thorough research. Expert optimization. Here are some examples.


Smart, Integrated Campaign Analytics

Alliance Truck Parts was looking for help creating a cohesive view of their marketing and website performance with a special emphasis on creative impact that could be used to help inform future creative direction. HMH asked SHD to partner with them to improve the performance of their marketing mix by using smart, integrated analytics and actionable insights.

Data-driven decision making led to a 61% increase in campaign traffic while cost per visit was slashed by 67%. Overall campaign spend was reduced by a remarkable 48%. Through optimization we reduced spend in Display by 57% while keeping 93% of the traffic. Cost per visit dropped by 54%. Onsite engagement also improved. Smarter campaign planning lead to 79% increase in Average Visit Duration while decreasing bounce rate by 18 points.


Super Effective Lead Gen with Paid Search

The challenge from Puppet Labs was very simple: increase new lead generation by 10% within three months on a fixed budget. Well, we surpassed the goal of 10% and delivered 15% in the first quarter while reducing overall spend by 38% and lowering Cost Per Lead by 46%.


However this was nothing compared to what came next. Because of our success and because we were really getting into a groove on optimization, Smokehouse Digital was asked to continue the project. Consequently we delivered an additional 55% increase in the following quarter and lowered Cost Per Lead by an additional 27%.



Search Optimized Audience Identification and Brand Activation

Blue Collar Agency asked SHD to partner with them to help CRKT renovate their brand and website. We brought analytics, competitive reviews, social analysis and search term research to the table. In the process we not only validated what the client suspected (but did not have data to support), we also uncovered new audiences opportunities that were not considered before. Deep conversations ensued about who CRKT is and why they do what they do. In the end, the CRKT brand and website is stronger and more authentic than ever before.


Combining Search, Social and Remarketing for Massive Global Reach at Very Low CPC

In response to recent positive reviews and in conjunction with an aggressive international trade show schedule, WatchGuard was looking to generate top of funnel awareness for its brand and products in ten countries in one summer.

SHD partnered with HMH to support Watchguard’s global product awareness push. We combined SEM, social ads, display and remarketing across ten countries and five languages. Smart targeting and aggressive optimization led to a remarkably low 9% bounce rate and an average CPC of only $0.13 while driving and incredible 97% increase in site traffic.


Social Benchmarking and Brand Discovery

Tofurky asked SHD to help them benchmark their social presence and then build on those learnings to understand their brand position in the marketplace better. We used a combination of social research and sentiment analysis to understand what consumers and influencers thought of Tofurky products, competitors and opportunities. We were also able to uncover specific threats to the brand in the process. #amazinginsights

What People Say

“Whether it’s SEM, IA or analytics, Jason brings insight, experience and critical thinking to the table. Jason quickly earned the respect of clients and co-workers with his clear thinking, results oriented approach and thoughtful perspective on the evolving world of search.”

–Colin O’Neill, VP of Experience Design, Connective DX

“Jason is an experienced marketing and business strategist who really gets it. He’s the kind of guy who can help you focus on what really matters, cut through the stuff you shouldn’t be worrying about and help you make the right decisions in both the short and long term.”

–Aaron Bean, Senior Planner & Digital Strategist, Babcock & Jenkins

“Jason takes a no-BS, hands-on approach with clients. He is pragmatic and results-driven, and customizes his approach to fit the particular challenge and the client’s needs. I can’t count how many emails I’ve sent with “one more question,” and Jason is always willing to lend a hand & help clarify…He’s also fun to work with — relaxed, communicative, flexible – which is really refreshing. I really enjoy working with Jason and would recommend Smokehouse Digital to other tech companies, startups, and anyone who could use marketing & analytics support.”

–Molly Niendorf, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Puppet

“Jason is a strong Search Engine Marketing professional. He is particularly gifted at harnessing the power of technology to design smart systems to analyze data and make incisive recommendations based on that data.”

–Valerie Hocke, SVP Digital, Benefit Cosmetics

“If you’ve been struggling with figuring out your marketing ROI (return on investment), you need to hire Jason Lucey. An expert in both SEO/SEM and Analytics, he has the ability provide the analysis and insights markers need for moving marketing performance to the next level. For all you creative types out there — Jason can turn analytics, metrics and data into clear and understandable English — and provide recommendations that make sense! I highly recommend him.”

–Malana McFarlen, Facebook Marketing Expert and Marketing Strategist

“In a nutshell, Jason created our marketing analytics capability. He was able to figure out what data we collect, where it is, what was missing, and hook it all up so we canget meaningful, actionable data. Our marketing efforts have improved leads and conversions in some cases by an order of magnitude. He knows his stuff.”

–Chris Foleen, Professional Services Administrator, DAT

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