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Jason Lucey

Optimization Strategy / Founder

Jason is a senior marketing practitioner with 20  years' experience in the online space. He's worked with companies of all sizes--from tiny startups to Fortune 100—on both the agency and client sides. His specialty is integrated digital strategy, content planning and analytics. He takes a "performance first" approach, focusing on objectives and Key Performance Indicators, then prescribing tactics that will deliver the right results.


In all things marketing, Jason believes the quality of the outcomes are more important that the quantity of the outputs.


Andy Lohr

SEO/SEM/Content Strategy

Andy's Lohr's digital marketing experience goes all the way back to the original dotcom boom, when he worked for search engine LookSmart in San Francisco. Prior to working with Jason Lucey at Smokehouse Digital, he developed his advanced SEO, paid search, Analytics, email marketing, social media and Web design skills through in-house positions at Port80 Software and, and Portland digital marketing agency Anvil Media.


Tom Bennett

CX Journey Strategy

Tom's focus is Customer Journey Mapping for digital experiences. He uses a unique synthesis model that incorporates design thinking and empathy. His strategic insights and Voice-of-the-Customer research have transformed management and internal communications at a wide range of clients, from regional businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

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